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    Default Areas of interest

    Oops, forgot to give what I’m interested in!
    Well, just about everything healthy!
    I subscribe to several email blogs, and found your forum on 'making your own liposomal C' on one today.
    I love hearing about detoxing and all health issues: like fibro for my youngest daughter who suffers from it, and thyroid issues for my oldest who has thyroid issues.
    I like cleaning recipes, and medicinal recipes, as I don’t use ANY “conventional" medicine or cleaning products, but rather make all my own.
    I’m 60 and take NO Rx drugs at all, which I hear is pretty unusual these days, and I’d really like to keep it that way!
    I’m also into being prepared for natural and man-made disasters, even though I’ve never really had to, but know that all too soon that earthquake or flood will come, and power outages are on the rise.
    I have 5 acres in a rural area of Oregon, and am trying to become self-sufficient, but it will take awhile.
    Well, that is probably more than any of you wanted to know about me, so I’ll stop now!
    Great to be part of you all.

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    Default Re: Areas of interest

    Sounds like you are going to be a perfect fit.

    I've always been a "prepper" because I gerw up in hurricane country (NH) and went through a couple of severe ones there in the fifties, Carol and Edna, as well as several harsh ones here in Maine. We also went through 5 days without power during the ice storm of '98. Consequently we always have kerosene lamps and lanterns, flashlights, candles and plenty of food and water on hand!
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    Default Re: Areas of interest

    Welcome AngelGabe and I am looking forward to getting to know you! I live in West Virginia and have frequent power outages so I stay prepared, eat organic Paleo diet, and keep a chemical free home due to chemical sensitivities.

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    Default Re: Areas of interest

    Welcome, AngelGabe! Glad you're here, and thanks for telling us about yourself.

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    Default Re: Areas of interest

    Welcome AngelGabe

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    Default Re: Areas of interest

    Hi AngelGabe, welcome to HH.

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    Welcome Angelgabe. You found a really good place to learn about health topics. As important as prepping is, it is equally important to address the the dilemmas of the present. I believe with all honesty, based on years of study of this one nutrient, controversial as it may be, that you could improve the health of your children. Iodine deficiency can cause symptoms of fibro and thyriod diseases, among many others. These are considered to be "modern diseases," and like most modern disease inceptions, can be traced back to the removal of iodine from the diet, and replaced by other atomically similar elements that are not recognized as toxins to the body. This tragic shift occurred around the middle of last century.
    Start researching iodine literate doctors, iodine groups on Yahoo and Facebook, and talk to professionals at your local health stores. Extra research should be done in the case of your son, if he is on thyroid medicines. Co-factors, such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C, and high quality sea salt are an important part of using iodine healing protocols. I'm here for any additional help.
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