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Thread: Success - Food Company Removes Dangerous Sweetener From Products

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    Default Success - Food Company Removes Dangerous Sweetener From Products

    Bryn Pitak
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    Target: David Clark, President of Yoplait USA Inc.
    Goal: Commend Yoplait for removing aspartame from its products and urge the company to replace artificial sweeteners with natural alternatives
    General Mill’s brand, Yoplait, has responded to consumer health concerns by changing the ingredients in its yogurt products. Yoplait has already made important changes to its products by getting rid of rbGH-treated cow’s milk and high-fructose corn syrup from its yogurt, and now Yoplait plans to eliminate the controversial artificial sweetener aspartame from its Yoplait light yogurt, as was requested in another ForceChange petition.
    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that has received a lot of negative publicity, provoked by consumer concern over its potential health impacts. Namely, aspartame has been linked to the formation of brain tumors. It has also been associated with diabetes, obesity, cancer, and birth defects.

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    Default Re: Success - Food Company Removes Dangerous Sweetener From Products

    Done! Thank you Julieanne

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    Default Re: Success - Food Company Removes Dangerous Sweetener From Products

    Did that!

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