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Thread: New Immunotherapy Procedure That Kills Cancer In Dogs Could Help Save Human Lives

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    Default New Immunotherapy Procedure That Kills Cancer In Dogs Could Help Save Human Lives

    Andrew Fazekas
    July 13 2014

    Our pets are like family members, so when they get sick, we want to get them the best treatment possible. But when dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer, about half of them have their lives shortened. Now there may be new hope for our animal companions, thanks to immunotherapy research common in humans that for the first time appears to kill cancer in dogs.

    An Austrian research study basically took antibodies derived from mice and modified them so that they would readily bind with the receptors that coat dog cancer cells and actually inhibit tumor growth. The antibodies act like a key and the receptor antigens on the cell surface are the lock, so when the key is matched to that lock, it automatically triggers a self-destruct signal inside the diseased cell, setting off a chain reaction that begins to shrink the tumor. Even the body's own immune system gets in on the action and is able to more efficiently eradicate the cancer.

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