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Thread: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

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    Default Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    by Dr Russell Blaylock
    15 Jul 2014

    Q: Is it true that if HDL cholesterol is higher, LDL cholesterol can be a little elevated without too much concern?
    A: You have to keep in mind that the leading cause for elevated cholesterol is thyroid deficiency, also called hypothyroidism.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    The thyroid gland is critical to almost every function in our body, including the regulation of cholesterol. So glad Dr. Blaylock is suggesting the "full panel" of test (free T3, free T4, etc.) to determine the health of thyroid. Most doctors rely solely on the TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) test, and will tell you you're OK if your TSH is between 1.0 and 5.5. This is way too high. You will function better with a TSH between 0.5 and 2.5. Even the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) recommends not higher than 2.5. Bottom line: TSH level is highly controversial. But if your doc tells you your TSH is above 2.5 and you still don't feel well, see another doc.

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    Default Re: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Wizard View Post
    Most doctors rely solely on the TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) test.
    "Most doctors" are relying on skimpy thyroid hormone testing because insurance companies refuse to pay for the more complete testing that would paint a thorough picture of what is going on with the patient's thyroid gland and related glands. Most geographical regions do not contain these other doctors from which to select who will provide the complete and proper attention to the patient's needs; most patients do not possess the funds either to pay for this "extra" lab testing out of pocket, nor the funds to travel to one of these functional medicine doctors who are few and far between.

    Sorry to be the voice of the wet blanket today, but some of this knowledge that we can obtain by reading informative articles such as this one ends up being of little practical use, when one is denied the means to carry out the information one has learned to improve one's own health. Most of us Hawkes Health readers are quite aware of the stranglehold placed on individuals by the insurance/pharmaceutical complex. Many of our well-respected researchers and authors, however, seem to be existing in an ideal bubble world that is quite different from the world of harsh reality experienced by the average person.

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    Default Re: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    Thank you for pointing that out, Maurya. Many of these functional physicians are also what's called boutique physicians (Dr. Mercola is one example) whose fees are unaffordable to the masses. I consider myself truly fortunate to have access to a doctor who embraces the best of both worlds!
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    Default Re: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    Maurya is right — insurance companies often refuse the tests really needed to make a diagnosis.

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    Default Re: Thyroid Deficiency Elevates Cholesterol

    Excellent point, Maurya. Insurance companies don't always cover these extra tests. I want people to know that there are 4 other critical thyroid tests besides just the TSH, and to encourage people to request these tests (1. anti-thyroid antibodies, 2. free T3, and free T4, and reverse T3). Shame on the insurance companies if they don't cover, but at least you knew enough to request the additional tests.

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