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Thread: School says no to cakes, cookies

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    Default School says no to cakes, cookies

    Celia Shortt
    August 13 2014

    Brooks Elementary School in north Coweta has changed its policy for birthday snacks and is not allowing cupcakes, cookies, or cake to be brought in this school year because of safety reasons and the desire to create a positive environment for students.

    Dr. Julie Raschen, principal at Brooks, said in the past, approximately 10 percent of Brooks’ students have had a food allergy, with the most common ones being peanuts, gluten, strawberries and blueberries.
    “When parents have brought in goodies for birthdays, oftentimes these children are not included in the snack because of dietary restrictions and have felt left out,” she said. “Parents can still send in treats for their child's birthday, we just ask that they not be food items.”

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    Default Re: School says no to cakes, cookies

    Yupp... I drove a school bus before and after classes during my college days to fund the purchase of baloney sandwiches (back when real food was out of my price range.) The days following holidays left the kids in an almost ravenous, animalistic state, especially after Halloween!
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    Default Re: School says no to cakes, cookies

    I'm "guilty" of having taken homemade cupcakes to my daughter's grade school class on her birthday. This was done quite commonly back in the day. In fact, it was almost expected. Everyone ate the cupcakes and to my knowledge, nobody ever got sick. Gluten sensitivity/celiac seems to be a more recent arrival on the scene than those cupcakes of yore. Possibly directly related to the type of wheat now in use.

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    Default Re: School says no to cakes, cookies

    Directly related, I'd say. Our diet as a nation has changed since you and I had children in school. It's not just wheat; a lot of children are allergic to soy, peanuts, eggs and more... some so sensitive that the mere scent of the allergen can send them into anaphylactic shock. Asthma is also common among young children; that never used to be the case. Something is going on...
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