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Thread: 16 Ways Green Space Improves Your Life

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    Default 16 Ways Green Space Improves Your Life

    Mark Sisson
    October 1, 2014

    Most people like being surrounded by nature. Even if it’s just a walk through a suburban city park or puttering about in a backyard garden, we’re drawn to green spaces filled with grass, trees, and leafy vegetation. They make us feel better. But the way we describe the effects of green space is all very amorphous and abstract and general, isn’t it? We “feel good” sitting on the grass. “It’s nice” to take a walk along a forest path. The office “doesn’t feel right” without a potted plant on the desk. Those sorts of benefits are great on a subjective level for the people experiencing them, but they aren’t very persuasive to others. If you want your ambivalent spouse to help grow the big garden you’ve always wanted, or your skeptical friends to start going on hikes with you, more specific and measurable reasons might be just the ticket.

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    Default Re: 16 Ways Green Space Improves Your Life

    Well, I don't get all those results from living where I do, but I know the thought of living on a small suburban block makes me feel claustrophobic. To be able to see tall trees out of the window is very calming. I wish everyone could have this, but I know a lot of people really like living in cities. It's probably just as well!

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