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Thread: What? Fish Can't Be Organic?

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    Default What? Fish Can't Be Organic?

    Lisa J Bunin
    November 7 2014

    That’s right. Neither wild fish nor farmed fish can be certified organic because no organic standards exist in the U.S. to regulate them. But that may be about to change—for the worse. Why? The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently proceeding with the development of organic aquaculture regulations that could allow wild fish and ocean-based fish farms to be certified organic.
    The argument against certifying wild fish as organic is evident: Wild fish can’t be called organic because they are wild. Their behavior in the open ocean can’t be monitored or controlled like those of domesticated animals. Organic farmers feed their livestock 100 percent organic feed, as required by law, but that’s simply not possible to do for wild fish that forage and scavenge for food in the open ocean. Exposure to synthetic toxic chemicals or even radionuclides by wild fish cannot be prevented, given the presence of those toxins in the seas and ocean sediment.

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    Default Re: What? Fish Can't Be Organic?

    What nonsense, for all the reasons above and more.
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