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Thread: Pine Bark Extract Treats Psoriasis, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension

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    Default Pine Bark Extract Treats Psoriasis, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension

    Case Adams, Naturopath
    Thursday, December 11th 2014

    Painful hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and skin issues, such as psoriasis, all have something in common: Blood flow. Research finds these three issues can all be successfully treated with the pine bark extract called Pycnogenol.

    In a flurry of research on one of the most efficacious natural extracts known to exist (see: 80 diseases that benefit from pycnogenol on the GMI database), three recent clinical studies have shown that the French maritime pine bark extract, Pycnogenol, can treat psoriasis and hemorrhoids, and reduce hypertension.
    The link between these three? They are all associated with the need for healthy blood flow.
    The Case For Psoriasis and Pycnogenol

    In research from Italy's Chieti-Pescara University, researchers tested patients with moderate to severe cases of plaque psoriasis. For three months, half of the patients were given 150 milligrams of the patented pine bark extract per day and the other half were treated with conventional medicine's best practices.

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    Default Re: Pine Bark Extract Treats Psoriasis, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension

    Pycnogenol and grape seed extract contain very similar flavonals. In fact, the two are often referred to interchangeably. Some even believe they are the same thing, which they aren't. But, studies show that they are effective far beyond just psoriasis, hemorrhoids and hypertension. Diabetes, lupus, ADHD, erectile dysfunction, and many other conditions have been successfully treated with both pycnogenol and grape seed extract.

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