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Thread: 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD

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    Default 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD

    June Silny
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    It’s a fact; a person with ADD is hard to love. You never know what to say. It’s like walking through a minefield. You tiptoe around; unsure which step (or word) will be the one that sets off an explosion of emotion. It’s something you try to avoid.

    People who have ADD/ADHD are suffering. Life is more difficult for them than the average person. Everything is intense and magnified. Their brilliant minds are constantly in gear creating, designing, thinking and never resting. Imagine what it would feel like to have a merry-go-round in your mind that never stops spinning.

    From emotional outbursts to polar opposite extremes; ADD presents several behaviors that can be harmful to relationships. ADD is a mysterious condition of opposites and extremes. For instance, when it comes to concentration, people with ADD cannot concentrate when they are emotional or when their thoughts are distracted. However, when they are interested in a specific topic, they zone in so deep that it’s hard to pull them out of that zone. Starting a project is a challenge; but stopping it is an even bigger challenge.

    To read the rest of the article go to:

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    Default Re: 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD

    Some of the brightest, most creative people I know have some degree of ADD.
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    Default Re: 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD

    Thanks for sharing this! Reading this really gives an insight on people with ADD. Hopefully more people will come to understand people with ADD.

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