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Thread: Study: Coma recovery aided by familial voices, stories

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    Default Study: Coma recovery aided by familial voices, stories

    Brooks Hays
    Jan. 23, 2015

    "That stimulation helped trigger the first glimmer of awareness," said neuroscientist Theresa Pape.

    (UPI) -- Bedside stories aren't just for going sleep, they're also for waking up -- from a coma. New research suggests familial voices stimulate the consciousness of comatose patients, shortening recovery time and improving post-coma brain health.

    In a study conducted at Hines VA Hospital by researchers with Northwestern University, patients who were played recordings of familiar stories narrated by family members were more likely to wake up sooner and enjoy improved cognitive abilities compared to those who did not hear bedside tales.

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    Default Re: Study: Coma recovery aided by familial voices, stories

    Thank you Pattypans — my prayer is no one here will have to do that for a loved one but knowing this can help is so important! We used to do this in the old days (1980's) and also played their favorite music and I believe it did help.

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