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Thread: The Fat Fight: Study Fuels Row Over UK, U.S. Diet Guidelines

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    Default The Fat Fight: Study Fuels Row Over UK, U.S. Diet Guidelines

    This story first appeared in my Reuters Health feed two days ago (Feb. 9, 2015). I moved it to a tab to post as time permitted. The following day it had disappeared from the tab and could not be restored. I found the original Reuters email in my Trash folder and opened the story again — and once again, the page appeared for a nanosecond and then failed to load. I gave up and used Google: same result. Tried, which had reprinted the Reuters story: same result. Third try's a charm: it was still available on the NYTimes site, and here it is. I would have thought the science was settled: lowfat diets are a disaster; high-fat diets, including [healthful] saturated fats, lead to weight loss and better overall nutrition. The story seems inconclusive, however, and leaves us to speculate on why it was withdrawn from so many sources.

    Kate Kelland
    REUTERS, FEB. 9, 2015

    Nutrition and health specialists criticised a study on Monday which argued that dietary fat advice given in the United States and Britain was based on flimsy evidence and should not have been introduced.

    The study, published in the Open Heart journal, said national advice on fat consumption issued to millions of Britons and Americans in 1977 and 1983 with the aim of reducing heart disease "lacked any solid trial evidence to back it up".

    But in the latest chapter of a long-running row about whether fat is the true culprit in the global obesity epidemic, independent experts said the research was flawed and failed "to take into account the totality of the evidence".

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    Default Re: The Fat Fight: Study Fuels Row Over UK, U.S. Diet Guidelines

    Perhaps a great deal of vested interest has been "based on flimsy evidence".

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