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Thread: Anti-Vaccine Mothers Under Fire After Measles Outbreak

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    Default Anti-Vaccine Mothers Under Fire After Measles Outbreak

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    February 22 2015

    One is a businesswoman and an MBA graduate. Another is a corporate vice president. The third is a registered nurse. These three mothers — all of them educated, middle-class professionals — are among the vaccine skeptics who have been widely ridiculed since more than 100 people fell ill in a measles outbreak traced to Disneyland. Critics question their intelligence, their parenting, even their sanity. Some have been called criminals for foregoing shots for their children that are overwhelmingly shown to be safe and effective.

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    Default Re: Anti-Vaccine Mothers Under Fire After Measles Outbreak

    I ike this, the ast paragrah: "I worry about living in a society that's progressively more intolerant toward any dissent," Moore said. "All scientific advances have come from questioning the status quo."
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    Default Re: Anti-Vaccine Mothers Under Fire After Measles Outbreak

    That's a great quote. I may have to borrow it sometime.

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