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Thread: Why Adults, Even Seniors, Need To Pay Attention To ADD

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    Default Why Adults, Even Seniors, Need To Pay Attention To ADD

    Dr. Frank Shallenberger
    March 2, 2015

    Many people consider Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) a childhood problem. But more and more adults suffer from it. What's more, adults are suffering from epilepsy at a higher rate as well. Is there a connection? Believe it or not, a recent study is showing a remarkable connection between the two. And this simple observation might point to a cure for both conditions.

    The symptoms of ADD are fairly easy to spot. People with this problem find it very difficult to be organized and to prioritize what they need to do. They are easily distracted and have a hard time focusing or concentrating. Because of this they are usually poor listeners and have a difficult time in school. You can tell them something, they will hear it, and then almost immediately forget it. All this can lead to anxiety, depression, difficulty making decisions, and a lack of motivation. But what's this got to do with epilepsy?

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    Default Re: Why Adults, Even Seniors, Need To Pay Attention To ADD

    This is so true, and from what I know, ADHD is increasing all around the world. But yet, some people brush it off as fake. Hopefully more people will come to understand that ADHD is real and is all around us.

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