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Thread: 7 Key Components of a ‘Dream Dentist’

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    Default 7 Key Components of a ‘Dream Dentist’

    March 7, 2015

    Thankfully we get lots of questions from our community asking us what our thoughts are about a specific dental office or if we have any dentists in their local area that we like.

    In our style of ‘teaching you how to fish’ rather than just answering whether we know of a good dentist in your area, we’d like to share 7 key elements that, when put together, create a ‘dream dentist’.
    Now, realistically, you most likely won’t find a dentist in your area who applies all of our ‘dream dentist’ qualities.

    However, it’s our hope that by sharing with you what we consider to be an ideal dental office, you’ll be more empowered to identify for yourself if your dentist is well suited and trained to help you and your family navigate to optimal oral health.
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    Default Re: 7 Key Components of a ‘Dream Dentist’

    Wow! What a great list — I had just heard about using ozone in dentistry on one of Dave Asprey's Bulletproof podcasts and this explained why it is a good idea. Thank you wr7476

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