Dr. Courtney Craig, DC
April 6, 2015

Being a ME/CFS patient in remission is a deeply humbling experience. Even though I think I have the illness under my thumb, there’s no doubt that something could happen to quickly turn the tables the other way.
I was reminded of this back in January.
First came the flu, with laryngitis so severe I could no longer teach my classes (or record podcast episodes!). Then came pneumonia. After 4 weeks came a secondary cold, then another. Next a rib strain so severe from coughing, it sent me to the ER because I was certain I had a fracture.
My immune system was hurting, and musculoskeletal injuries frequently set me into relapse because of the cytokine storm. By late February I was getting better. But my crushing fatigue was back, my sleep was disturbed, my muscles were weak. I was having trouble getting around on the subway.

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