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Thread: 9 Out Of !0 Women Don't Know These Stroke Symptoms - Do You?

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    Default 9 Out Of !0 Women Don't Know These Stroke Symptoms - Do You?
    May 12 2015

    In America, approximately 55,000 more women than men have a stroke each year, yet nearly nine out of 10 women (89 percent) can’t recognize the stroke signs that are unique to their gender, says a new survey from the University of Ohio, Wexner Medical Center. “Women do not think they are going to have a stroke. They think of it as a man’s disease,” says Diana Greene-Chandos, M.D., neurologist and director of neuroscience critical care at Wexner in a press release. Yet 60 percent of the people who die from a stroke are women.
    Being unable to recognize stroke symptoms can cause women to delay seeking medical help—something that can seriously cut down on their chances of survival. “You have to know when you are having a stroke, you have to recognize that it’s a stroke and you have to get to the emergency room and receive the medication,” Greene-Chandos says. “Women shouldn’t ignore their symptoms or hope they will go away because they may lose their opportunity to receive acute treatment.”

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    Default Re: 9 Out Of !0 Women Don't Know These Stroke Symptoms - Do You?

    I didn't know about the sign of stroke in women of hiccups with chest pain. Thank you Julieanne!

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