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Thread: Time Off

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    25th October 2011
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    Unhappy Time Off

    To My HH Friends:

    I am helping to launch a family business this summer. This effort will require a great deal of my time. So, I will be taking time off from HH for a few months, hoping to return in the fall. See you soon.

    --The Wiz

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    Best of luck with your family endeavor.

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    I wish you and your family great success. I love family businesses!

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    You will be missed! Come back soon, and good luck with the business.

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    Best of good fortune, Mr Wizard!

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    All best wishes to you and your family, Mr. Wizard. Don't get stressed!
    ➤ Happiness is the frosting on the cake of contentment.

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    Much love and best wishes for success with the business. We will miss you

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