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Thread: Is An Anti-Cancer Drug Growing In Your Back Lawn?

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    Default Is An Anti-Cancer Drug Growing In Your Back Lawn?

    Michelle Schoffro Cook
    July 9 2015

    If you walk past my home, you might notice the dandelions that grow rampant on the front lawn. While neighbors continue to douse the yellow flowers with pesticides, like Monsanto’s Round-Up, which has been shown to cause cancer, I prefer to let the resilient and prevalent flowers grow. That’s because, in addition to dandelion’s excellent nutritional benefits, it is increasingly being shown in research to have potent anti-cancer properties. One of the most exciting studies about dandelion’s anti-cancer abilities was published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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    Default Re: Is An Anti-Cancer Drug Growing In Your Back Lawn?

    That is good to know! I make a tea of young leaves and roots daily in the spring just as a good spring health tonic.

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