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Thread: Bad News About Swimming Pools

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    Default Bad News About Swimming Pools

    Hiyaguha Cohen

    The French word for "pool" is "Piscine." Call it juvenile, but we used to joke that the French used the moniker to acknowledge all those the kids who "piss" in pools-piscine. Get it?

    But seriously, urine in pools is more common and problematic than you might have imagined. So much so that a report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that it's the urine in the water making your eyes turn red, not chlorine.1 The issue, says the CDC, is that the chlorine binds with the nitrogen in urine, and voila! An ammonia-like chemical called chloramine is formed, and it burns and smells. Ugh, right?

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    Default Re: Bad News About Swimming Pools

    "Better yet, go to the lake or the ocean, although there are issues at the beach too..." Like having an open cut or swallowing stagnant or polluted water, and getting a staph infection or coma. And that could happen in an improperly or compromised chlorinated pool as well.

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