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Thread: We've Called Autism A Disease For Decades. We Were Wrong.

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    Default We've Called Autism A Disease For Decades. We Were Wrong.

    Dylan Matthews
    August 31 2015

    Most people think of autism as a disease, a major impediment of which an increasing number of children are "victims." But over the past two decades, a growing number of adults on the autism spectrum, myself included, have rejected this frame and called for non-autistic "neurotypicals" to respect and accommodate "neurodiversity." We believe that autism is a natural and in many ways desirable variation in how people think, not a great evil to be stamped out.

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    Default Re: We've Called Autism A Disease For Decades. We Were Wrong.

    This topic reminds me a bit of certain groups of deaf people who want to be seen as their own community, with their own legitimate, perfectly valid language (ASL). The viewpoint of these groups of deaf people is that they are not disabled people, in need of pity and of being "cured" of a malady, but rather people who simply are different from other people who speak and hear as the "normal" people do.

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    Default Re: We've Called Autism A Disease For Decades. We Were Wrong.

    I certainly celebrate those on the spectrum who are clever, innovative, well adjusted and most importantly, independent. Despite the denials, there are some so severely autistic that they can never live independently. I've read stories of young men in their twenties who are so big and strong that neither parent can control them when they lose control themselves. What happens when the parental caregivers of autistic adults contract Alzheimer's or another form of dementia? Who will care for the adult children? Who will care for the caregivers?
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