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Thread: The Contribution Of Professor Edzard Ernst To Disinformation About Homeopathy

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    Default The Contribution Of Professor Edzard Ernst To Disinformation About Homeopathy

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    September 12 2015

    The contribution of Professor Edzard Ernst to disinformation about Homeopathy

    Edzard Ernst is an anti-homeopath who spent his career attacking traditional medicine. In 1993 he became Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter. He is often described as the first professor of complementary medicine, but the title he assumed should have fooled no-one. His aim was to discredit medical therapies, notably homeopathy, and published some 700 papers in 'scientific' journals to do so.

    Now, Professor Robert Hahn, a leading medical scientist, physician, and Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the University of Linköping, Sweden, has made an assessment of the quality of his work. It can be read, in German, here:

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