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Thread: The Wisdom Of Symptoms: Respecting The Body's Intelligence

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    Default The Wisdom Of Symptoms: Respecting The Body's Intelligence

    This article is six years old, but information like this doesn't date.

    Dana Ullman
    November 24 2009

    Have you ever wondered what is that stuff coming out of your nose when you have a common cold? Such nasal discharges are composed of dead viruses that were killed by the body's defenses, dead white blood cells that were killed as a result of the infection, and a liquid substance known as mucus which the body deploys as a vehicle to remove this dead matter.
    If you take a conventional over-the-counter drug for the common cold, these drugs "work" by reducing the body's ability to create mucus, which simply inhibits the body's own efforts to eliminate the dead viruses from the body. Although these conventional drugs may stop the nasal discharge temporarily, the side effects of these drugs are that they lead to bronchial congestion, headache, and fatigue, which can be more problematic and discomforting symptoms than the original simple nasal discharge.

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