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Thread: Acorns: A Major North American Food Source

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    Default Acorns: A Major North American Food Source

    Marjory Wildcraft
    November 13, 2015

    California’s Native Americans did not have to be farmers, and for the most part were hunters and gatherers. There was a ready supply of deer, fish, rabbits, fowl, native plants for vegetables, native fruits, and even sea weed. Even so, acorns are said to have been the main food of as many as 3/4 of native Californians. Acorns were everywhere, were easy to gather, and they stored fairly well… as long as their storage places are squirrel-tight. Some groups buried baskets of nuts until they were needed. Some claim that white acorns were the most preferred because they were sweet and often eaten without leaching.

    Keep reading for instructions and recipes:

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    Default Re: Acorns: A Major North American Food Source

    hunters and gatherers saw them when they backed up the the

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