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11 November 2015

The debate rages. The public appears desperately confused. What’s causing it? We refer of course to obesity, the ‘epidemic’ of excess human body weight that’s weighing down society with a healthcare bill it can ill afford, but also seriously lowering the quality of lives of the nearly 1 in 4 Westerners who suffer the condition as adults.
Mainstream medics and dieticians still try to convince the public (and governments) that it’s a simple matter of our food intake not being matched by our energy expenditure. While at some level this is correct, it is actually such a gross over-simplification of the problem that to continue to cite it like a mantra does nothing to resolve the issue. Rather, it compounds it as more and more put their heads in the sand, hoping the medical or pharmaceutical worlds will soon come up with a slimming pill that actually works. No surprises that there has been no magic bullet thus far. Barring various bariatric surgical procedures, which bring with them their own series of complications and side effects, the medical profession has been spectacularly ineffective at delivering solutions. And the food industry, ever more reliant on highly processed foods, has exacerbated the problem.

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