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Thread: Twelve Tips For Fool-Proof, Gluten-Free Baking

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    Default Twelve Tips For Fool-Proof, Gluten-Free Baking

    Michelle Schoffro Cook
    December 10 2015

    Anyone who has ever tried to apply the principles of traditional wheat baking to gluten-free baking quickly learns the hard way that there are few similarities at all. I’ve been baking gluten-free for several years and here are some of the things I learned (that I wish I knew when I started):

    1. Gluten-free baked goods do not require kneading. Kneading is the means by which gluten in wheat-based baking is activated. Because there is no gluten in grains used in gluten-free baking you can skip this step altogether.
    2. Gluten acts as a glue and imparts elasticity to hold traditional baked goods together and allow bakers to work with the dough, cutting or molding it into different shapes. In the absence of this gluey substance, baked goods tend to crumble unless some other form of binder is added.

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    Default Re: Twelve Tips For Fool-Proof, Gluten-Free Baking

    Thanks for finding this, Julieanne. I don't do a lot of baking but knowing the difference in flour replacements is important. And, as the story points out, all these replacements are starches, which is important for someone like me who is diabetic.

    What burns my bacon is those sites that claim going gluten-free is less nutritious (as if gluten sensitivity is a trendy, pretend thing and not a real condition). Sure, if you are still trying to live your wheat-based diet with wheat replacements. Processed foods labeled "G-F" are high in sugar and starches — both of which you'll want to avoid if you're diabetic or pre-diabetic. But if going GF means that you are simply eliminating wheat and wheat look-alikes from your diet, you have without question made your daily consumption more nutritious. Eliminating starches and sugars is a giant step toward weight loss and better overall health.
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