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Thread: Baby born in Hawaii with brain damage confirmed to have Zika infection

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    Default Baby born in Hawaii with brain damage confirmed to have Zika infection

    Dan Whitcomb
    Jan 16, 2016

    A baby born with brain damage at a hospital in Oahu, Hawaii, was infected by the Zika virus, U.S. health officials confirmed on Saturday, apparently the first case of the mosquito-borne virus in a birth on U.S. soil.
    The mother became ill with the Zika virus while living in Brazil in May 2015 and the baby was likely infected in the womb, Hawaiian state health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.
    "There's no indication at this point that there's any Zika virus circulating in Hawaii," CDC spokesman Tom Skinner told Reuters.
    "But I think its important for us to understand that there are going to be imported cases of Zika to the United States and we won't be surprised if we start to see some local transmission of the virus," Skinner said.

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    Default Re: Baby born in Hawaii with brain damage confirmed to have Zika infection

    I wonder if anyone is looking into the possible GMO mosquito connection.

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