The annual fundraising drive went far beyond our wildest expectations, bringing in a whopping $25 — which isn't bad, since we were only asking for $10. We officially extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who happened to be drunk enough to log into their PayPal account sometime in the last few weeks and float a few dollars our way in the hope of continuing our cherished advertising-free, clutter-free reputation.*
Thanks, Mom.

Your donations will not go to waste. We have annual renewal fees with our better-than-we-deserve host who goes above and beyond to furnish top service all the way from the Isle of Malta. We have also, as a site, become so successful that we have nearly filled our bought-and-paid-for disk space. We are getting over 1000 unique visitors a month, which is pretty respectable for a punky, toddling little site that — if we get any bigger — will qualify for the Quack label earned by sites much more buff and shapely than ours.

So, if you have anything left after your political party donations, happen to still be infected with the holiday spirit and/or are inebriated as we continue into spring, use the yellow PayPal button to drop us a little something (or P.M. the Administrator, that's Me, for a mailing address to send your generous check) in order to keep us bringing you health news, legislation alerts, sound advice and ongoing support in the coming year.

I mean, we'll do it anyway...but your dollars, francs, yen, euros and gold bullion will make Islander much less cranky. And when Islander's happy, everybody's happy!

* Doubtful? Log on to to see what advertising looks like. Horrors! Nightmarish! Hurry, send money soon! Void where prohibited by law or in states where there is outstanding litigation pending.