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Thread: Steer Clear Of These Toxic Dog Treats

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    Default Re: Steer Clear Of These Toxic Dog Treats

    Did I ever post here about the exchange teacher from the US that stayed with my son and DIL some time ago? She had never eaten lamb in her life, and was seriously impressed by my son's roast lamb!

    And to go off topic even further . the French 17 year old student they have staying with them now, has toast smothered in chocolate flakes for breakfast, and goes through a jar of Nutella a week. She brought the chocolate with her. So much for healthy French eating habits!

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    Default Re: Steer Clear Of These Toxic Dog Treats

    For some reason lamb has not been promoted much here. It's all about beef! Yet it was common enough when I was a child. When I lived in Chicago it was generally available, but when we moved to Maine's Western Mountains, the only time we saw it was at Easter. That's why we bought the factory: two ewes and a ewe lamb, followed by a ram when the time came. Eventually the flock grew to 30. We were always able to sell the year's lamb crop, although demand never exceeded supply. Seems strange, because the original colonists came from countries where lamb and mutton were common enough.
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