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    In the “Isn’t Paleo deficient in _________?” contest, calcium could probably give fiber a run for its money. The dairy industry has spent so much time and money burning the “calcium = dairy foods” association into our collective synapses that it might as well be called Vitamin Milk. So when you switch to Paleo, it’s perfectly natural to have some qualms about calcium.

    If you can handle dairy well, this isn’t a big issue for you – you can just keep getting your calcium from dairy products, and the problem never even comes up. But dairy is a gray area food for a reason. Plenty of us (65% of the world’s population, to be precise) are lactose intolerant, meaning that we can’t digest dairy and need some other way of getting calcium.

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    That is excellent information. Thanks for finding it, Julie.
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    Thanks for your info.
    Calcium is an indispensible nutrient for people's health. Among diversity of calcium benefits, its good effect on bone health is the most popular. Besides, calcium is beneficial for colon cancer prevention and obesity reduction. This mineral can also get rid of depression. Some foods that high content of calcium are molasses, watercress, cottage cheese and keflir. Read more:

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