Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 8, 2016

Canada's Postmedia Network Pulls Meningitis Article before Publication

(OMNS, May 8, 2016) You might think it would be newsworthy when a physician recommends treating meningitis with megadoses of vitamin C. Well, not in Canada. At least not with Postmedia, a large conglomerate that includes the Toronto Sun, the National Post, and dozens of other major newspapers. An article about the clinical work of Frederick R. Klenner, MD, was pulled, according to our sources, without prior notice to its author, Ken Walker, MD. Since it appears that the Sun won't print it as he wrote it, Dr. Walker has let it be presented to you here. - Andrew W. Saul, Editor

Reading History Could Save a Child's Life
by Ken Walker, MD

What is a parent's greatest tragedy? It's the loss of a child. Recently parents in Alberta were charged with failing to provide their 19 month old boy with the necessities of life after he died due to meningitis. So how can parents avoid such a horrendous loss? And what can doctors learn from history about this lethal disease?
A loving couple believed their child had croup or the flu and treated him for two weeks with natural remedies such as garlic, onions, horseradish and smoothies with hot peppers. But he finally stopped breathing and died after being rushed to the hospital.

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