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Thread: Lentils: The Tiny Legumes That Build Your Bones And Much More

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    Default Lentils: The Tiny Legumes That Build Your Bones And Much More

    Vivian Goldschmidt
    May 23 2016

    From peppery green lentils to the creamy red variety, these delicious legumes are very versatile and healthful. They are acidifying, but they pair beautifully with alkalizing foods, and they offer all kinds of nutrients your bones crave.
    In addition to nourishing bones, lentils offer general health benefits as well, which we’ll take a look at in today’s post. And you’ll also find a creative, delicious pH-balanced lentil recipe that’s family-friendly and ready in minutes.
    Let’s get right to it, beginning with some fascinating facts about lentils.

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    Default Re: Lentils: The Tiny Legumes That Build Your Bones And Much More

    I do love lentils and always have several colors on hand. I like the carrot-colored ones best!
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