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Thread: FDA Reverses Its Folate Ban

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    Default FDA Reverses Its Folate Ban

    May 24 2016

    Some good news to report!
    Thanks to the sustained advocacy of ANH-USA members and our allies, a serious threat to folate availability has been reversed. Unfortunately, other problems with new nutrition facts rules remain unaddressed.
    In 2014, we told you that the FDA was proposing a backdoor ban on natural folate in dietary supplements. The word “folate” would be banned from Supplement Fact labels—only the term “folic acid” would be allowed. Since it would be fraudulent for the supplement to list synthetic folic acid among its ingredients but to use natural folate instead, it would become illegal to use folate in dietary supplements. Very sneaky.

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    Default Re: FDA Reverses Its Folate Ban

    Oh good grief. Luckily I like greens, grow a lot of them and consume them because goodness!
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