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Thread: Want Your Dog To Live To 30? Add This To Their Bowl

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    Default Want Your Dog To Live To 30? Add This To Their Bowl

    Lisa Spector
    June 12 2016

    As I watched pet nutrition blogger Rodney Habib’s TedX video below, I found it simultaneously jaw-dropping and not surprising. After his dog, Sammie, was diagnosed with cancer, Habib went on a mission to find out why canine cancer is a growing epidemic. Currently, one out of every two dogs will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their life, mostly between age 6 and 12.

    I have a 13-year-old Labrador. Admittedly, I’m obsessed with my awareness that he’s approaching the end of his life. But, what if he weren’t? What if he could live until he’s 30 like Maggie? The Kelpie, from Austalia, was the world’s oldest dog.

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    Default Re: Want Your Dog To Live To 30? Add This To Their Bowl

    I wonder how many of us find this information surprising? If you look at the ingredients on any standard dog food, canned or dry, you'll find an odd list of ingredients that would never show up on your family table. What isn't obvious is that some of the cheaper brands of kibble even contain sweepings from pet shelters, birdcages and the like… Yes, things like feathers and worse. They're probably listed as something like "by-products." My Irish husband was unfamiliar with what we call proprietary branded dog food; they always had hunting dogs, setters or pointers, and the dogs were fed table scraps. Think about it: from the time the dog was first domesticated, what did it eat? Table scraps from us humans!

    One final thought: among the causes of canine cancer, I'm surprised that I don't see GMOs or vaccines. I've read many many accounts of tumors appearing at vaccine sites for it to be a matter of sheer coincidence.
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    Default Re: Want Your Dog To Live To 30? Add This To Their Bowl

    Thank you for sharing. I believe that in addition to nutrition, you need to regularly visit a veterinarian with a dog and train your dog.

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