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Thread: Low Carb diet For Diabetes: Should You Try It?

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    Default Low Carb diet For Diabetes: Should You Try It?

    Joe Leech
    July 19, 2016

    Many diet-related conditions rely on medication.
    But the primary treatment for type 2 diabetes is diet and lifestyle change.
    There is growing evidence a low-carb diet may be a useful alternative to conventional diet advice. In fact, it may even be better.
    This article provides a transparent look at the best evidence available, and whether you should consider it.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Low Carb diet For Diabetes: Should You Try It?

    Islander, I know you manage diabetes without meds - this is yet another reminder it can be done.

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    Default Re: Low Carb diet For Diabetes: Should You Try It?

    Two statements stand out in this article.
    1. "Researchers in the mid 1970’s showed that a very high-carb diet (75 percent carbs), mainly from starch, can reduce blood sugar levels and triglycerides despite no weight loss within 2 weeks. In fact, 9 of the 13 subjects were able to discontinue their diabetes medication (10)."
    This seems totally counterintuitive, given that starch turns to sugar as soon as it comes in contact with saliva. I don't pretend to understand the mechanism behind it.

    2. "It’s worth noting the science linking cholesterol levels with heart health has come under scrutiny in recent years, and may not be as important as we’ve been told (15)."
    Absolutely true, despite the author's seeming to be unconvinced. Ample examples on this site confirm the absence of causation.

    Diabetes nutritionists are trained to deal specifically with type two diabetes patients. The plans they prepare allow a significant number of calories as starchy or sweet carbs, commonly up to 60 per meal. If I were to follow this advice, I would have to be on medication to keep my blood glucose under control because the amount of insulin stimulation is far too high. I'd also be gaining weight!

    My theory is that these nutritionists are the willing tools of the industry. They believe that diet sodas are good for us and that sugar and HFCS are harmless "in moderation." I've had multiple fruitless conversations on the subject, some with a personal friend and the rest with professionals at meetings arranged for type two diabetics. At first I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt; I thought if the meal plans they recommended were too severe, their patients would reject the restrictions and their condition would be uncontrolled... so they cut a lot of slack in terms of bread, potatoes and sweets and kept the condition controlled with medication. But if that were the case, these advisers would have begun with low carb meal plans and then moderated them when they saw their patients were unable to follow them. That's not what happens. Similarly, all the industry publications print the same recommendations: no need to suffer from a lack of sweet desserts or other joyful foods. No need to feel deprived. Enjoy life, eat what gives you pleasure, take your meds (or this insulin) to manage your condition. It's hard not to see this as an industry-designed plan to keep you sick and medicated.

    I have been low-carb for almost 10 years. I eat very well and do not feel deprived. I'm on no meds and my A1c fell from 8.9 on diagnosis to 5.1 currently. I get a little crazy when I see costly and dangerous bariatric surgery recommended to "cure" diabetes. First, there is no cure. Symptoms can be reversed but T2DM is like alcoholism; you will be one for life. Second, the surgery is not particularly effective; many will put the weight back on within two years. Finally, it raises the cost of health insurance for all. I resent being penalized for someone else's bad judgment. Why can't others make responsible choices?
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