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Thread: The Feds Almost Used A Pesticide That's Harmful To Pregnant Women In Puerto Rico

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    Default The Feds Almost Used A Pesticide That's Harmful To Pregnant Women In Puerto Rico

    Laura Barron-Lopez
    July 28 2016

    Top U.S. officials were urging Puerto Rico earlier this week to strongly consider aerial spraying to prevent further spread of mosquito-borne Zika.

    WASHINGTON ― In an effort to combat the spreading Zika virus, the federal government came close to spraying a pesticide across Puerto Rico that is highly toxic and presents the most danger to pregnant women.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to ship the insecticide called Naled, which belongs to the organophosphate family, to Puerto Rico without notifying the commonwealth. Documented cases of the virus increase weekly; the island now has 5,582 Zika cases, and 662 women pregnant women are infected, according to the Puerto Rican Health Department. In May, the island reported the first microcephaly case to be acquired in the U.S.

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