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Thread: Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy

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    Default Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy

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    When a celebrity dares to speak out against the Establishment, more often than not, the Establishment strikes back.
    This is exactly what happened to famous Australian chef Pete Evans, who has ruffled the feathers of doctors and scientists for daring to suggest a drug-free, nutritional approach for osteoporosis.
    Chef Pete also endorses fluoride-free water and a Paleo-style diet, further inciting criticism from the Medical Establishment and the Mainstream Media.
    I, for one, commend his attitude, and I’d like to share with you today the details of his latest confrontation with the Establishment.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy

    Today's early morning prior to coffee wacky thought: This reminds me of the medieval European priesthood who carried out all of their reading and their public speaking in Latin, a language which the people in their local regions could not speak or write. If questioned, the response could be that the commoner had no access to the priest's secret source of knowledge and therefore had no valid reason to speak out on any issue. Here is our modern medical priesthood in action.
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    Default Re: Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy

    Oh yes, if I speak with knowledge on any health topic, my qualifications are often challenged, because I can't flaunt any special letters after my name. Yet at my last bone scan, at the age3 of (I think) 73, my spine and hips showed up in the middle and at the top of the green zone, respectively. The technician was astounded and pleaded with me to share what I was doing to achieve those results. When I listed them, she took notes!
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