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Thread: Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation From Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & Cell Phones Cause The Blood

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    Default Re: Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation From Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & Cell Phones Cause The B

    Quote Originally Posted by grulla View Post
    I'm a bit confused, you say they are electric, but you also mention a pilot light which indicates gas??? Do you mean to say that it's electric ignition with a gas burner???
    Who are you talking to, Grulla? Maurya opens the paragraph, but what follows the quotation marks is my comment. My water heater is not electric.
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    Default Re: Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation From Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & Cell Phones Cause The B

    Just to clarify, grulla, Islander and I each have on-demand water heaters. Hers are gas fired; mine are electric. The concept of electric non-demand water heaters might seem surprising, except that the electricity to heat the water when it flows is supplied by the solar panels. The only thing that would improve my system would have been if I could have funded an off-grid solar panel system. At the time I had the panels installed, putting in the type of system that would have disconnected from the utility grid entirely would have cost me twice as much money. I just did not have the money.

    For StephenX, the rented phone system was repeated later when people were made to rent a modem from the internet provider, particularly when it was a cable company. Eventually people began to catch on, and began to purchase a modem and to discontinue paying modem rent.

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    Default Re: Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation From Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & Cell Phones Cause The B

    "StephenX" et al, it was the break-up of the AT&T/Ma Bell monopoly that helped initiate the popularity and practice of purchasing and PLUGGING in your own phone with the universal modular jack concept, as opposed to the old telco practice of being the only sole agent TYING (hardwiring) in those older telephone instruments. I remember that well, as I used to install "illegal" phone extensions in the pre-modular days, and had to cut loose all those extra, old time, 2.0 full current, ringer equivalent bells, so that the telco could not measure the extra, overloading ringing current of those, non-compliant phone extensions.

    Today, since the Ma Bell/AT&T break-up, that is no longer a problem, provided you don't OVERLOAD the maximum allowable "ringer equivalent" current supply of 2.0 that the telco typically supplies to each subscriber. Most modern electronic phone instrument ringer equivalents today are rated at only a .2 ringer equivalent, per phone instrument.
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