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Thread: Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine

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    Default Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine
    Mar 29, 2016

    The interior ministry has announced plans to give five complementary therapies including homeopathy the same status as conventional medicine.

    Homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will acquire the same status as conventional medicine by May 2017 when it comes to health insurance.
    After being rejected in 2005 by the authorities for lack of scientific proof of their efficacy, complementary and alternative medicines made a comeback in 2009 when two-thirds of Swiss backed their inclusion on the constitutional list of paid health services.

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    Default Re: Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine

    Typically, there are more negative comments than positive under this article - it's a topic that promotes heated debate. Nevertheless, homeopathy is growing in popularity each year.
    Homeopathic Products Market - Demand for Homeopathic Products Poised to Surge as People Become more Interested in Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines; Global Industry Analysis 2016 - 2024

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