I'm posting this for very selfish reasons: I'm one of those people who no longer has her gallbladder. My oncologist knew I had a gallstone and despite the fact that it had never bothered me, when she completed my cancer surgery she finished cleaning house by removing my gallbladder too. Although I seem to have no consequences from this loss, either I have a very thrifty metabolism, or my body is not properly digesting the healthy fats I consume. I want to try the supplements the author lists to see if they make a difference.

Ann Louise Gittleman

Thursday, November 24th 2016

Now that the link between saturated fat and heart disease has been thoroughly debunked, we can freely enjoy butter, cream and coconut oil to our heart’s content, right? Maybe—but maybe not!
Americans are finally breaking up with sugar and starting a new love affair with fats. Fat is back as a healthy macronutrient that’s key for brain health, hormone production and reduction of belly fat. Fats are also the precursor to eicosanoids, localized hormones or “signalling molecules” that target nearby tissues—prostaglandins being just one example.
Whether you’re doing an ancestral or ketogenic diet, or you’ve gone vegan, beneficial fats have captured the spotlight—and deservedly so. Your brain is more than 50 percent fat, and apart from nerves, every single cell in your body uses fat as its primary fuel source. However, the truth is that many individuals are not in love with their new higher-fat diets.

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