After reading a fairly upbeat story from 2013 that left me skeptical, I came across this. Granted it's merely a post from another message board, but the writer sounds knowledgeable and asks some very pertinent questions. The conclusion he draws is not optimistic, which tends to support my evaluation that what he has to say, where not speculative, is largely factual. Sadly, white font on black is a bit hard to read. Alternatively, you could copy it to a doc.

Anonymous author
Jan. 11, 2017

Is there radiation in California?
The Government would like you to believe it's not. However if you read on you'll find the answer is it seems to already be here. You have 2 sides to this story, self proclaimed internet scientists saying no worries and self proclaimed internet scientists saying worry. Who can we trust? I claim to be neither but have gathered alarming evidence from around the web that points to a dying ocean and devastating future for all of humanity. Radiation or not.
We'll start here.
Radioactive Elements Released
Iodine-131 life 8 days
Cesium-134 life 2 years
Cesium-137 life 30 years
Good News?
Cesium-134 has a semi short shelf life of only 2 years. This could be good but the fact that it is still being produced from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant doesn't help. Scientists believe that up to 80% of the cesium was dropped out of the atmosphere and into the ocean by rain along the way across the Pacific Ocean.
Currently any cesium-134 in the ocean is coming from Japan as there was no other nuclear accidents in the last 2 years.
Bad News?

Keep reading, it's not doomsday: