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Thread: Alert: New Study Confirms That Bisphosphonates Cause Cracks That Weaken Bones

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    Default Alert: New Study Confirms That Bisphosphonates Cause Cracks That Weaken Bones

    Vivian Goldschmidt
    March 20, 2017

    A study has just been released that confirms what Savers have been warned about for years. I have written extensively about the dangers of the osteoporosis drugs developed, marketed and sold by the pharmaceutical industry.
    The harmful and paradoxical impact of these drugs on bones has been shown in the results of several experiments, and those findings are underscored and further explained by a new study that was just published.
    Read on to learn the latest news that further confirms how bisphosphonates actually increase the risk of fracture and to learn about the exact mechanism by which they undermine bone quality and tensile strength.
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