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Thread: Estrogen Dominance: Viruses & Autoimmune Disease

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    Default Estrogen Dominance: Viruses & Autoimmune Disease

    By Michael McEvoy

    April 18, 2017

    Sex hormones possess interplay between immunomodulation (1). Studies have shown that CD8 deficiency may underlie numerous autoimmune diseases (3). CD8 is a type of immune protein that binds to MHC class 1 cell surface proteins. Activation of MHC-1 is centrally involved in the cell mediated inflammatory response to antigens such as viruses.
    It is suspected that women have a greater predisposition to autoimmune disease because of estrogen’s ability to reduce CD8, thereby reducing the immune system’s ability to fight the infection (2).
    Immunologic, inflammatory processes such as cyclooxygenase can effectively upregulate the aromatase enzyme, which converts androgens such as testosterone into estrogens such as estradiol (4).

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    Default Re: Estrogen Dominance: Viruses & Autoimmune Disease

    I confess that I appear to be perfectly normal in all these womanly issues. Never had PMS, never had menstrual cramps, never had hot flashes or other symptoms associated with menopause. All my hormones seem to be behaving!
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