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Thread: Moms: Kids Hijacked Your Brain For Life

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    Default Moms: Kids Hijacked Your Brain For Life

    Anna Vlasits
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    One day, a woman is spending her Saturdays doing her normal Saturday stuff—blueberry pancake brunch, curling up on the couch with the cat reading a novel, grabbing a beer with friends. By the next, her life is suddenly and completely about keeping a screaming, floppy, red-faced, cone-headed thing alive using fluids secreted from her chest. Happy birthday to that. Scientists and philosophers have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what that night-and-day transition of childbirth means for mothers, who (often along with a partner) go from having one kind of life to another in less than a year.

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    Default Re: Moms: Kids Hijacked Your Brain For Life

    This is fascinating. I do think motherhood is more life-changing for "civilized" Western women who inhabit a culture where they are isolated from the rest of their community to a greater degree than in villages, tribes and bands. In small communities where life goes on constantly around them in mostly public ways, birthing and nurturing infants are no surprise.
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