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Thread: Clarifying the stance on music videos

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    Default Clarifying the stance on music videos

    I thought it had been made plain earlier that music videos weren't appreciated on our site. They've populated a similar site to the annoyance of many. Several recent comments made it plain that they were not enjoyed here... yet immediately, a couple of new ones were posted. It's plain that not everyone reads every comment, so I'm using this forum to add one more "regulation": please, no music videos. They're irrelevant, they're not amusing, they don't support posted research, and the volume they open with literally hurts my ears.

    I'm not a curmudgeon. I admit to sometimes being frivolous, nothing wrong with that. We have a humor forum for sharing funny things. Just please banish those videos from health topics.

    Hawkes' Health and its members thank you.
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    Default Re: Clarifying the stance on music videos

    Sorry "Islander" just wanting to introduce the German news source "Deutsche Welle" to the HH forum with their theme song.

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