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Thread: 11 Health Benefits And Uses For The Herb Plantain

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    Default 11 Health Benefits And Uses For The Herb Plantain

    Michelle Schoffro Cook
    June 6 2017

    On a daily basis, most of us walk past or trample on one of the most profoundly therapeutic herbs without giving this natural medicine much consideration. But this weed, as we are inclined to call it, could be the answer to what ails you.
    This potent plant is known as plantain—not the banana-like fruit, Plantago major is a low-lying herb found in almost every lawn and many sidewalks. There are many reasons to stop treading on plantain and start enjoying it instead, including the following health benefits:

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    Default Re: 11 Health Benefits And Uses For The Herb Plantain

    Interesting! I knew only about the insect bite remedy.
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