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Thread: Homeopathy: A Practicing Physician's Perspective

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    Default Homeopathy: A Practicing Physician's Perspective

    Richard Moskowitz
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    A homeopathic doctor responds to a journal’s criticisms of homeopathy by explaining how, in the face of all available evidence, the placebo argument cannot be upheld. He then describes his own journey from skepticism to homeopathy. The question is, why did Bioethics refuse to publish it? Richard Moskowitz, MD, writes a response to an article penned by Kevin Smith in Bioethics, “Against Homeopathy: A Utilitarian Perspective”. Smith argues that homeopathic remedies are nothing more than placebos, incapable of healing except by suggestion.
    Moskowitz counters these statements with conventional evidence of homeopathy’s two main principles:

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    Default Re: Homeopathy: A Practicing Physician's Perspective

    At one time I laughed at the notion that water has a memory. I have since had to eat humble pie.
    1. Water is revealed to have properties hitherto unknown.
    2. Homeopathy works on animals.
    3. Personal experience proved its efficacy to me in dramatic ways.
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