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Thread: The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis

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    Default The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis

    August 22 2017

    If sperm counts continue declining at the current rate, humans could become extinct.
    Analyzing nearly 200 studies, researchers have found that the sperm counts in men across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have halved in less than forty years. The study found that the decline in men’s sperm counts may also be accelerating.

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    Default Re: The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis

    Could be Mother Nature's none too subtle way of correcting for the fact that already there are way too many of us here on her Earth.

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    Default Re: The Emerging Sperm Count Crisis

    "In a Russian study on hamsters, scientists observed that consumption of GM soybeans tended to slow their sexual maturation, and completely eliminating their ability to reproduce. This can take several generations to unfold. Another study uncovered similar infertility in third-generation mice that consumed GM corn."

    European experiments with swine and other mammals over generations have arrived at the same results: decreasing levels of fertility, eventually dropping to zero. Keep in mind that all studies take place in Europe and elsewhere, since experiments on biotechnology are prohibited in the U.S.
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