Dicamba is the newest threat to organic agriculture nationwide.

Mary Hightower, U of A System Division of Agriculture, and AgFax Staff
August 10, 2017

There is no doubt that Dicamba is volatile and researchers at the University of Arkansas have the tests to prove it. Every formulation they tested has demonstrated volatility. Some of the group tested can continue to volatilize at least 36 hours after application and move from the target site in spite of the most label-compliant application efforts.
Volatility and subsequent travel of the chemical is at the heart of the hundreds of complaints alleging dicamba misuse. The Arkansas State Plant Board has received 876 complaints as of Thursday, August 10. Additionally, more than a dozen states have logged dicamba-related complaints with the highest total number coming from non-dicamba tolerant soybeans. Other damage reports include: fruit crops, home gardens, specialty crops and peanuts.

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