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Thread: Turmeric Extract 100% Effective In PreventingType 2 Diabetes

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    Default Turmeric Extract 100% Effective In PreventingType 2 Diabetes

    Sayer Ji
    August 6 2013

    A remarkable human clinical study published in the journal Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, revealed that turmeric extract was 100% successful at preventing prediabetic patients from becoming diabetic over the course of a 9-month intervention.[1]

    Performed by Thailand researchers, the study's primary object was to assess the efficacy of curcumin, the primary polyphenol in turmeric which gives the spice its golden hue, in delaying the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in a prediabetic population.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Turmeric Extract 100% Effective In PreventingType 2 Diabetes

    I confess that I read through the article quickly and may have missed some important points. What I'd like to know is whether this population was US-based, what kind of diet/eating plan they were consuming prior to and during the treatment, whether the study was double blinded, and in what form the turmeric was consumed. You all know I am a type two diabetic who is managing her condition solely with lifestyle. I take 2 turmeric capsules daily as well as consuming powdered turmeric in some of the stirfries I prepare. Admittedly these are supplements as opposed to fresh organic turmeric root. Taking into consideration the book I'm currently reading, Rigor Mortis (reviewed below), I have to question the study's conclusions. In the last six months I've seen no change at all in my periodic A1c, despite taking both turmeric daily and olive leaf extract which is also supposed to lower one's blood sugar.
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    Default Re: Turmeric Extract 100% Effective In PreventingType 2 Diabetes

    I too take a couple of turmeric caps a day (when I remember to) for aid in digestive and joint health, but prefer the Mother Nature forms rather than the pills. Rigor mortis is indisputable if you've ever had to deal with a frozen or long dead dog or person but I never knew there was a study or book about it. Will check.

    I'm sure you are aware that...

    Overview. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has been used for 4,000 years to treat a variety of conditions. Studies show that turmeric may help fight infections and ... read on:

    ... and Islander, I still think you are wrong to block any mention of Mike Adams and his website, although it's a good thing to warn the blind and deaf that he is indeed very biased and take everything with a grain of salt, or sugar to taste. And no, I do not have diabetes or a bias against people who do.

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