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Thread: High Dose Vitamin Dramatically Improves Psoriasis and Vitiligo

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    Default High Dose Vitamin Dramatically Improves Psoriasis and Vitiligo

    Ali Le Vere
    September 9 2017

    A pilot study illuminates that high-dose vitamin D significantly improves lesions and depigmentation in psoriasis and vitiligo, respectively. Because Vitamin D deficiency is implicated in the pathophysiology of autoimmune responses, these findings may be applicable to other autoimmune disorders.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: High Dose Vitamin Dramatically Improves Psoriasis and Vitiligo

    One of the best articles I've read on vitamin D. Only thing is the article refers several times to "vit. D optimization." That's the tricky part. What is the optimum level of vit. D. Optimization appears to be a very individualized proposition. I err on the side of caution, getting a mix of both UVB rays from sunshine and supplementation, especially in winter.

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    Default Re: High Dose Vitamin Dramatically Improves Psoriasis and Vitiligo

    I like to keep my vitamin D level at 80 ng/mL. Because I'm on Medicare, I can test at no charge so every 18 months or so I test to make sure I'm on target (so 80 is "optimization" for me). Why is it unpredictable? Because I garden nude on sunny summer days, and switch to supplementation in winter. Last summer there were so many good days, and so few interruptions from visitors or hired help, that at summer's end I was up to 108! Everything I've read claims you can't OD from the sun, so I wasn't worried...
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